Wealth Liquidated
116503.96gp 116503.96gp

In the Vault

Weapons Value Weight
4x Battle Axe 40gp (10 per) 24lbs (6 per)
3x Longswords 45gp 12 lbs(4 Per)
8x Short Sword 80gp 16lbs (2 per)
Whoosh xxxx 8lbs
Armor Value Weight
5 Scale Mail 250gp (50 per) 150lbs (30 per)
Masterwork Half Plate 750gp 50lbs
Clothing Value Weight
Gems Value Weight
Diamond 1,000gp -
Magic Items Value Weight
Treasure Value Weight
Lute┬╣ 1,100gp 3lbs
Painting of Elenore - 7lbs
Crown of Morden 9,000gp 8lbs
Coins Value Weight
Copper 40,171 cp 803.42 lbs
Silver 8,589 sp 171.78lbs
Gold 45,576 gp 911.52lbs
Platinum 283 pp 5.66lbs
Total 182,626.61gp xxx lbs

┬╣ I will put a better description of this When I get it

In the Bag

Wand Value Weight
Wand of Cure Light (CL1; 38 Charges) 750 -
Wand of Magic Missile (CL5; 20 Charges) 3750 -
Potion Value Weight
Potion of Charisma 50gp 1lbs
Potion of Flaming Fist 300 1lbs
Potion of Blur 300gp 1lb
2x Elixirs of Vision 500(250 per) 2lb
Elixir of Love 150gp 1lb
Potion of Invisibility 300gp 1lb
2x Elixir of Hiding 500gp (250 per) 1lb
Potion of Speak with Animal 50gp 1lb
Unguent of Timelessness 75gp 1lb
Scroll Value Weight
Scroll of Bloodhound 200gp 1lbs
Scroll of Steal Sleep 13gp 1lb
Scroll of Summon Monster II 150gp 1lb
3x Scrolls of Restoration 2100gp 3lbs
2x Scrolls of Breath of Life 2250gp 2lbs
Scroll of Feeble Mind 1125gp 1lbs
2x Scroll of Heat Metal 300gp (150 each) 2lbs
Scroll of Doom 25gp 1lbs
Scroll of Lesser Restoration 150gp 1lbs
Scroll of Levitate 150gp 1lb
Scroll of Displacement 375 1lb
Scroll of Blindness 150gp 1lb
Rod Value Weight
Rod of Metal and Material Detection 10500gp 5lbs
Staff Value Weight
Items Value Weight
Ring of Feather Fall 2,200gp -
Weapon Value Weight
Armor Value Weight
Gems Value Weight
Diamond Dust 1300gp -
Coins Value Weight
Copper 50 cp 1 lb
Silver 50 sp 1 lb
Gold 1000 gp 20 lbs
Total 28,718.5 gp 30/1500 lbs

5 highback chairs 50gp each
2 large Tappestries


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