B' Big Game of TPK and woosh!!!!!

Things to come
A new begining
Lets build a town

The Group of adventurers decide to attempt to breath life into once was a necropolis. Taking a year off from adventuring to oversee the rebuilding of the town. The Ranger seeks the Roads Guards and have them rebuild the road to the once forgotten town.

Now Purple?
More ruins

After the group celebrates their victory in clearing out the orcs, things get weird. Seizures and children staying up until 3am. The group searches the ruins once more and find out the whole town has been dead for a very long time, and a Doppelganger Necromancer has been playing owner of the deceased residence.

More Green
A new challenger

So what does a Human Druid, Half-elf Ranger, Half-elf Summoner, and a Half-orc Skald have in common? You guessed it… a Human parent, please dont kill me. This time the adventures head into the old ruins in search of more orcs.

Colors of Green and Red
Going Clubin

The adventurers find out more about the town of Stret and how to work a magical anvil the make red whooshy weapons.They also find Orcs have been hiding under the tavern. Ignoring the problem until the rangers sword is finished the group eventually head back into the tunnels to find an ambush waiting for them… with ogres… and great clubs.

Welcome Adventurers
Here there be... Orcs?

What does a Human Druid, a Half-elf Summoner, and a Half-elf Ranger have in common? A human Parent. mwahaha. Anywho these three adventurers find themselves wandering down Kings Road and come across a group of orcs who attempt to pillage them, yeah attempt. The group is later told the guards in the city of Stret will pay 10 gold per orc ear. The party soon finds themselves in Stret, and is told of the horror stories of how the Orcs kidnapp people in the middle of the night. Also of suspicious purple cloaked figures near the ruins of the old city.


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